Attention! New Ransomware Alert

The Spencer Police Department would like to warn businesses and residents of Spencer and the region of an ongoing computer scam affecting the area.
Residents have been receiving an email with information wanting you to confirm an order.  the email will contain ransom ware in a ZIP of DOCM file attached to the email.  If the file is opened all information becomes encrypted and the computer owner will receive instructions on how to pay ransom to regain control of their computer and its files again.
The Spencer Police Department would like to caution everyone not to open emails from unknown senders portraying order confirmations.


Beware of Phishing Scams

Please remember that Evertek will never email our customers asking for account information. Information about your email account is something that Evertek has on file and would have no need to make this request. Please read any email entirely before automatically responding. Below are the emails received by our customers and more scam emails are sure to follow. Please be on your toes & use your best judgment. If it doesn’t feel right….delete!
From: Angel Lo <>
Date: August 18, 2016 at 8:52:13 AM CDT
To: undisclosed-recipients: ;
Subject: Evertek Notification
Your Evertek account need to be update to the 2016 version, due to technical errors in our data base, that is why, we have decided to upgrade our services to serve our consumers with a better service. Your email account will be upgrade to a new enhanced webmail user interface provided by Evertek provider.
Effective from the moment we receive the information we required from you.To ensure your email address book is saved in our database. Please fill the information below to help us upgrade your mail server to the 2016 new standard.
Evertek provider will disconnect any user from our web-mail services who refuse to send the required information.Evertek Customer Service Center
Copyright ©2016 All rights reserved.
2nd Bogus email:
From: "" <>
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: Evertek Admin Notice
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2016 23:02:53 +0000 (GMT)
Evertek Admin Center notify you that we have temporarily prevented access to your account because We noticed a login attempt to your Evertek account from an unrecognized device.
We have reasons to believe that your Evertek email account may have been accessed by someone else and it was for illegal activities, You are to send Evertek Admin Center the information below otherwise we shall block this account permanently.
User Name:
Reconfirm Password:
Note that if we do not receive your reply now and within the next 24hrs we shall deactivate this account.
Copyright Evertek 2016, All Rights Reserved.


Security Alert - Petya-Next Generation Ransomware

The newest ransomware (malicious software that interferes with your computer's functioning and requires a ransom to restore it) is even more problematic than previous types, because it not only prevents access to your documents — it locks you out of your computer entirely. This file, called Petya, is typically transmitted via email. If you open the attachment, or follow the link, it begins running on your computer. 
Once this happens, you'll see a series of things happening, including the Blue Screen of Death, the Windows Check Disk running, and a screen showing a skull and informing you of the ransom you have to pay to get your computer to function again. If you choose to pay the ransom, you'll have to use another computer to do it. 
Fortunately, you have a couple of other options to try. Take your computer to an IT technician, who may be able to recover your system. Or, if possible, shut down your computer immediately when you see the Blue Screen of Death. At this point, you may still be able to salvage your files.
Of course, the best strategy is to prevent the file from infecting your computer in the first place. To do this, use standard malware prevention techniques: 

  • Be wary of all email you receive, especially from people you don't know. Don't open any attachments from an unknown source and don't follow any links unless you know where they go. 
  • Use complex, varied passwords and keep them private. 
  • Only download software from known, trusted websites. 
  • Keep your operating system, browser, and all applications up to date. Regularly install security patches and other updates. 
  • Use an anti-virus and anti-malware application, and run it regularly to ensure continuous protection. 
  • Perhaps most importantly, back up all your files regularly. Use a reliable offsite backup and recovery service.

While there is a lot of potential danger in computer and online use, there are also many steps you can take to protect yourself. The Evertek Team

Information provided by Cornerstone Group


Scams can come from email or phone

Evertek wants to advise all customers to be watchful for scams of all types. We are seeing customers having issues that come from both emails they receive and phone calls that come in to them.

If you don't know the person contacting you, either by phone or email, it is best to do some verification to make sure they are someone trustworthy. Don't provide any personal, financial or other information to someone by email or phone - until you confirm who they are. Even then, it is best to hang up and call the business or organization which is being represented on the phone or via email - to see if they may have contacted you. 

Scammers use the trust of Midwestern people against us, so it is just smart to remain watchful and use a healthy dose of skepticism. It's better to be safe than sorry.