Everly Calling Features

Caller ID - allows you to know who is calling before you answer the phone.

  • Withhold Number - allows you to make a call without revealing your number to the person that you are calling.
  • Caller ID Presentation - Determines whether the calling subscriber’s number is signaled on outgoing calls.
  • Caller # Delivery Blocking - Also known as Calling Identity Delivery & Suppression.
  • Last Caller ID Erasure - allows the subscriber to erase the record of the last caller’s number, and date and time of call

Call Waiting - allows you to take calls when you're already on the phone.

  • Cancel Call Waiting - allows a call waiting subscriber to disable call waiting for an individual call.
  • Call Waiting Caller ID - Displays the calling number/name as part of the notification that a second call is on the line.

Unified Messaging Voicemail - allows callers to leave a message for you when you're not able to answer their call and receive an email of their message.

Call Forwarding - allows you to have your calls redirected to a different number.

  • Busy Call Forwarding - redirects all your calls to a number you choose immediately.
  • Delayed Call Forwarding - redirects calls to a number you choose if you do not answer within a certain period of time.
  • Remote Access to Call Forwarding - allows a call forwarding subscriber to access and change their call forwarding configuration from any phone.
  • Selective Call Forwarding - lets you set up a group of callers whose calls are always redirected to another number.
  • Line Hunting - forwards an incoming call by going through a list of alternative numbers until it finds a line that is not busy and can accept the call.

Speed Calling - gives you a faster way to dial the numbers you call regularly.

Automatic Recall - allows you to return a missed call.

Automatic Call Back - allows you to retry the last call you made, and if the person you are calling is busy, automatic call back notifies you when they become free.

Basic Reminder Call - allows you to set up a call to your phone at a specified time in the next 24 hours.

  • Advanced (regular) Reminder Call - allows you to set up a recurring call to your phone. You can choose whether this call recurs every day, every weekday or once a week on a specific day.

Do Not Disturb (Call Rejection) - allows you to prevent unwanted calls from getting through to you.

  • Selective Call Rejection - allows you to program up to ten numbers that are rejected when they call you.
  • Anonymous Call Rejection - allows you to reject all calls where the caller withholds their number.
  • Selective Call Acceptance - allows you to block all unimportant calls. When you activate the service, only calls from numbers on your acceptance list will be connected to you. Other callers will be forwarded to Voicemail.

Call Barring - puts you in control by letting you prevent certain types of calls from being made from your phone.

SimRing - allows you to be easily contacted by ringing several numbers at the same time.

Find-me-follow-me - allows you to be easily contacted by ringing several numbers, such as your mobile, home phone and office extension, when someone calls you. You can set up rules to control the numbers that are included and the order in which these numbers are called; you can have two or more numbers called at the same time.

Priority Call - lets you know when someone important is calling

Three Way Calling (In Call Services) - allows you to call someone else when you are already on a call, and all three of you can talk and hear each other.

  • Call Transfer - allows you to call someone else when you are already on a call, and put the first person through to the person you have just called.
  • Call Holding - allows you to call someone else when you are already in a call, and switch between talking to the first person and the person you have just called.

Mandatory Account Codes - help you attribute the cost of the calls you make to departments or customers.

Teen Services - provide you with up to three additional directory numbers, while continuing to have only one physical line

Warm Line - allows a subscriber’s line to be configured with a number that is dialed automatically when the phone has been off the hook for a configurable amount of time. (You must sign up for this service with an Evertek Rep.)

Call Pick up (Business Feature Only) - allows a subscriber to pick up an incoming call to any other line within a pre-defined group by dialing an access code.

  • Directed Pick up, No Barge in (Business Feature Only) – Allows the subscriber to pick up an incoming call to any line within the business group by dialing an access code followed by the target line’s intercom code.

Non-Calling Feature Options

Unlisted Number - Phone number is not published in a telephone directory but is available through directory assistance.

Non Published Number - Phone number is not published in a telephone directory, nor given out through directory assistance.

Second Listing - Having more than 1 name in the telephone directory.

Off Premise Extension - Allows 2 phone lines to share a single DN.

Call Trace - allows you to record the details of the caller with a Law Enforcement Agency, even if the caller withheld their number.

For more information, please call our office at 800-242-0154 to speak with a Customer Service Representatives who can provide you with details about all of Evertek’s services and coverage. Our office hours are Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.