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Fast, Reliable Fiber

Evertek Internet, with United Farmer's Telephone's Fiber to the Home technology, is fast & reliable. Basic service starts at 6Mb and you can get up to 20Mb or More! Evertek Internet is more than Internet - it's a lifeline to everything you need today and far into the future! 

  • Perfect for Multiple Internet Users & Devices - the average home has 10 devices!
  • Connect with WiFi - Each connection includes a modem with built-in WiFi
  • Use Multiple Streams - Evertek Internet is robust enough for multiple videos, audio feeds & downloads at once
  • Get More! - If 6Mb isn't enough, you can get more!

20/5Mb - $99.99
15/3Mb - $85.99
15/3Mb - $85.99
6/1Mb - $65.99

Installation - $50.00

Protection Plan - $3.99
Includes free service calls and repairs. Some restrictions apply
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WiFi Router Lease - $9.99

SecureIT Plus - $6.50

Service Call - $50.00
All customers whether, equipment is leased or owned, are subject to a service call unless they are covered by a Protection Plan.

All listed prices are monthly charges unless otherwise noted. Taxes and regulatory fees may apply.