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Fast, Reliable Fiber

Evertek Internet, with United Farmer's Telephone's Fiber to the Home technology, is fast & reliable. Basic service starts at 6Mb and you can get up to 20Mb or More! Evertek Internet is more than Internet - it's a lifeline to everything you need today and far into the future! 

  • Perfect for Multiple Internet Users & Devices - the average home has 10 devices!
  • Connect with WiFi - Each connection includes a modem with built-in WiFi
  • Use Multiple Streams - Evertek Internet is robust enough for multiple videos, audio feeds & doanloads at once
  • Get More! - If 6Mb isn't enough, you can get more!

20/5Mb - $99.99
15/3Mb - $85.99
15/3Mb - $85.99
6/1Mb - $65.99

Installation - $85.00

Protection Plan - $3.99
Includes free service calls and repairs. Some restrictions apply

Service Call - $85.00
All customers whether, equipment is leased or owned, are subject to a service call unless they are covered by a Protection Plan.

All listed prices are monthly charges unless otherwise noted. Taxes and regulatory fees may apply.

Security Coverage Products
Protect your identity, pictures, files and music with Password Genie, FileHopper Plus & SecureIT Plus. Keeping your stuff safe is easier than ever these days, AND you can add these services for no cost to you if you have a bundle!