Get the most out of your Wi-Fi with these new services

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In most cases, people connect to Internet via WiFi (wireless Internet signal in your home or office.) It would stand to reason that you may want to find ways to make sure your WiFi is the best it can be. We have two great options, which come as a set, to help you. If you lease a new WiFi router from us, both are included free.

The first part is Identi-Fi, which measures the WiFi signal strength in your home or office, so we can find and alleviate dead spots. The feature helps you or our technicians have better insight into your wireless environment, so we can make more effective recommendations.

The second piece of the set is WiFi support (sometimes called Managed WiFi), which allows us to remotely keep your WiFi router up-to-date and secure. We can also assist you with connecting new devices to your network, and keep your WiFi router working at peak performance. Finally, if your router breaks, and you need a new one - we replace it without cost as part of the program.



Wi-Fi Support & Identi-Fi included with Evertek $9.99 router. 
Don't lease an Evertek router? You can get Wi-Fi Support & Identi-Fi app for $4.95/month