Competitive Overview

Evertek is a leader within the wireless broadband industry and has several strengths in which we have capitalized upon. In the face of competition we continue to build areas in which competitors are located and thrive on meeting them head to head. All though value is often associated with price, we have proven that bargain prices alone can not overcome solid service both within the technology provided as well as the people who drive it. Positioned for the future, Evertek has pursued the public safety sector, mobility and built facilities throughout Northwest Iowa.

The Advantages & Comparison

Licensed Frequency - The licensed frequency that Evertek holds within the BRS/EBS Spectrum of 2.5 GHz provides stability both for the company as well as its customers. It is less susceptible to interference providing a more stable service that can be relied upon. The microwave signal is protected by the FCC and is monitored to prevent companies from interfering with each other. Since it is a microwave signal we are not prone to weather conditions and have limited outages.

  • Unlicensed Frequency – Providers who use unlicensed frequencies are more susceptible to interference by every day appliances and equipment. Items such as baby monitors, portable phones, and microwave ovens can create havoc while leaving the provider and customer guessing at the root of the problem.
  • Satellite – This type of service lacks in the area of upload speeds and is more vulnerable to weather conditions. Rain and snow can cause long periods of blackouts and delays with transmission. Unfortunately, if you live in Northwest Iowa you will know that this is something we see a lot of.

Installation & Support – Through trial and error Evertek has found that no one handles our business like ourselves. We maintain all aspects internally to tighten the control and provide a better customer experience. Our technicians are employees who have to answer for the job that was completed. Our Support staff is well diversified within the telecommunications field and troubleshoots the products and services we provide. To further illustrate the importance of superior support we provide this service to several local ISP’s including competitors.

  • Some providers commission out their installation and service calls to independent agents who do not report to the company. This provides for some uncertainty on both the company and customer as to the quality of work completed.
  • Support is a costly business to maintain and is typically commissioned out of the area.   Someone not familiar with the local environment, community or geography can create confusion on the customer’s part.
  • Evertek offers warranty on labor and equipment while most providers offer nothing.
  • We also contact customers several days after installations and service calls to check and see if everything is working properly and if they had a good experience. Something that is unheard of from larger carriers.

Price Point & Bundling – Evertek is competitively priced and either beats or meets the competition. The difference is the value in which the customer receives with the service that is provided. We continue to monitor our competition and make every effort to meet the expectations of our customer base. Evertek provides added features and service to protect the customer from harmful acts. We provide one bill that is done in house and supported by our staff. We offer multiple service discounts and plans to keep them from costly service calls.

  • Most of our competition does not offer the option to own or lease the equipment nor do they offer discounts to the customer for such.
  • Evertek also offers the option of a protection plan that includes all services that the customer may receive from us. The low cost plan gives the customer added protection and prevents disconnects due to the ever rising cost of service calls.
  • For each service a customer adds they receive a discount off the added service. Competitors often will show only the bundled price and ding the customer for just one product.

Contracts – Evertek is proud to say that there are no contracts or fine print to mislead or trap a customer into service. Our philosophy is that of confidence. A customer will choose to stay with Evertek because we have an understanding of their choice to leave. We reward customers for adding on additional services without punishing them for only having one.

  • It is typical of providers to make a customer sign a contract in order to keep them. This creates some fear and anxiety on the customer’s part and is a deterrent if other options are available.

Locally owned and Operated – Although this is something that can be over utilized; it does have its advantages. Service calls or outages can be addressed immediately. Customers do not have to wait weeks as they do with some of our competitors. We belong to countless local organizations, and provide donations for everything from After Prom and Fire Departments to Cancer centers and Libraries. This promotes a lot of goodwill within the communities served.

  • We hear a lot of complaints and concerns from our communities that the larger carriers do not provide anything back to the community in which they serve. They take without giving back leaving a sense of resentment from their patrons.
  • Response time from the larger carriers leaves a little something to be desired. Customers have been known to wait for up to six weeks for service to be restored. This provides us with opportunities to better serve the customer due to quicker response times.

Technology and recognition –Evertek has been acknowledged and featured in several magazines. We have been named as one of the top U.S. Broadband Wireless Operators by Broadband Wireless Business Magazine and have won two EMMIE’s from OPASTCO for deployment of service. We have showcased our systems to other ISP’s from around the world including groups from Mexico, Japan, Nepal, Africa and Brazil. We are proud of our past and the accomplishments achieved and look to improve upon them in the future.