Your email is getting better!

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Effective June 5, 2018, email will be changing for all Evertek and N.E.T. customers. 

What's New?

  • Email will change June 5
  • You'll need to change setting on your desktop & mobile devices (click your service button below for details). You can make those changes now
  • Your inbox will have a new look
  • You'll have 10GB storage allowance
  • Enhanced spam filtering
  • A new, secure online calendar
  • You can send bigger attachments - up to 100MB. Keep in mind, however, the recipient may have a 1-2Mb limit

What's the Same?

  • Your email address and password will remain the same
  • Your emails, attachments and contacts will be migrated automatically

To get the specific email settings and details, click on the corresponding button for your provider below.