Evertek Service Calls & Protection Plan

Service Calls: Every Evertek customer regardless of Service will be subject to service calls unless they have the Evertek Protection Plan. The service call rate is $85.00 plus materials.

  • Service Call Charges
    • A flat rate of $85.00 plus any materials used. A payment must be made to the technician prior to any work started. Any materials used will be billed to your account.
    • A flat rate of $125.00 will apply if a boom truck is required effective 1/7/16. Customers previously installed to this date are grandfathered at this time.

The Evertek Protection Plan: This plan will be offered to new and existing customers for $3.99 monthly. A new installation has a 60 day guarantee from date of install. The protection plan becomes effective following a 30 day waiting period. As of 1/7/16 any new customer that requires a boom truck will not be eligible to sign up for the protection plan and will pay the $125.00 charge.

  • The Customer will Have Access to:
    • Technical troubleshooting from 7:00 a.m. – 10:30 p.m. Monday – Friday, 7:00am – 3:00pm on Saturday.
    • Service calls from a trained and staffed technician.
    • Inside cable, connectors and splitters at no charge.
    • Repairs or replacement of Evertek owned equipment.
    • Alignments of exterior antennas. (Does not include relocating)
  • What the Plan Does Not Cover:
    • Customer owned equipment or equipment installed by someone other than Evertek.
    • Damage due to misuse, abuse, negligence, insect or other infestation, fire, water, foreign substance, organic materials, windstorm, hail, earthquake, theft, terrorism/war, riot, power surges or acts of God.
    • Anything beyond a standard installation such as Buried or Ariel coax.
    • Customer caused problem: Moved equipment, installed hardware or software or equipment unplugged or without power.
    • Anything that has chewed or cut through the cable, connector or splitters.
  • Customer Charges:
    • $3.99 per month and requires a two year commitment.
    • Evertek reserves the right to change this price or policy at any time and will post changes to our web site at www.evertek.net
    • Service call applies and materials will be charged if it is found to be something that is described under what the plan does not cover or if the customer does not show for a scheduled time regardless if the work could be performed or not. 

Customer’s Promise and Assurances: In order to keep this Plan in force, the customer promises: Full Cooperation with Evertek’s Customer Service and Technical Support agents. No service call can be scheduled until the customer has first spoken to Technical Support at 800-864-6043.

You must be current and in good standing. You must provide adequate access to the premises during normal business hours and provide a non-threatening and safe environment for servicing the product or service.

You promise to fully disclose all relevant information & fully cooperate with Evertek to troubleshoot the service. You must not mislead, defraud, or make any misrepresentation to Evertek technicians, Support or CSRs.