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We are happy to announce that all Evertek Internet & N.E.T. Broadband customers will now receive TechHome's 'Protect' suite which includes: SecureIT Plus, Password Genie and FileHopper Plus.

You have more Internet connected devices than ever before, and the number keeps growing every year. Industry analysts forecast that there will be an average of 12 connected devices in US households by the year 2020. Demand for security, file backup and data management has never been bigger.

Tech Home helps you setup, use, protect and enjoy your networked devices. Combining industry-leading software and world-class support creates a customized Tech Home solution for everyone. 

You'll get 'Protect' for 1 computer & 1 remote device which includes:

SecureIT Plus Logo.jpg

SecureIT Plus - Anti-virus and Internet security protects your computers and mobile devices from the latest online threats. New digital threats appear every day, but with SecureIT, you get industry-leading essential protection, plus the convenience of never needing to update software. SecureIT works silently in the background, protecting computers and mobile devices from all manner of threats.

Password Genie Logo.jpg

Password Genie - Password manager, data protection and password security software is your digital wallet. It’s no secret that identity and password theft is on the rise. You need a password manager because keeping track of so many online logins is a pain. Named by Mashable and Information Week as a top 10 password manager, Password Genie keeps your digital identity safe and convenient to access.

File Hopper Plus Logo.jpg

File Hopper Plus - FileHopper online backup is the easiest way for you to store your files. It only takes one incident to see the value of FileHopper; one hard drive crash, one fire, one accidental deletion and all of your valuable files and precious memories are gone. FileHopper for desktop & mobile devices backs up files with 256 bit encryption so you know you're safe. Service includes 50Gb storage space.

Upgrade FileHopper Storage to 250Gb for $14.95/mo, 500Gb for $24.95/mo or 1Tb for $39.95/mo.

Need to protect up to 4 devices or have Premium Tech Support?

  • Upgrade to 'Protect Plus' which gives you SecureIT Plus, Password Genie & File Hopper Plus for up to 4 devices for $5.95/month

  • Upgrade to 24/7 Tech Home Support which includes SecureIT Plus, Password Genie & File Hopper Plus for up to 4 devices plus 24/7 Premium Technical Support for $9.99/month

Plus, get FREE Secure Remote Installation now through May 31!

Please call our office at 800-242-0154 to get these products activated on your account

*Free TechHome Protect service included with all Evertek Internet connections includes 1 PC & 1 mobile service. FileHopper includes 50Gb storage. Identi-Fi included with Evertek router lease. Free Secure Remote Installation through May 31. After June 1, installation is $16.95.

Get the most out of your Wi-Fi with these new services

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Identi-Fi Logo.jpg

Wi-Fi Support & Identi-Fi - The average U.S. broadband household has 8.1 connected devices in their household. This number is expected to rise exponentially in the coming years. Additionally, 63% of people have issues with their Wi-Fi. From Wi-Fi setup through ongoing use, our Wi-Fi experts are available to provide you with a premium Wi-Fi experience. 

Identi-Fi Helps you get the most out of your network and Internet service. Identi-Fi is a great tool to use to maximize your wifi experience. Identi-Fi is a multi-use wifi analysis app that helps determine wifi strength and where the connection may be lagging. Among many other uses, Identi-Fi can create a heat map telling you where the wifi connection is strongest in your home. Identi-Fi helps our technicians have better insight into your wireless situation and make better recommendations or advice on how to help. We'll even help you setup new wifi devices on your network.

Wi-Fi Support & Identi-Fi included with Evertek $9.99 router. 
If you don't lease an Evertek router, you can get Wi-Fi Support & Identi-Fi app for $4.95/month